weIFRS® is our on-line solution for IFRS9 Provisions and Compliance reports derived by robust statistical calculations in full transparency and documentation.

A quick and accurate way of implementing IFRS9.

How it works


Fill in Data Template provided here, with monthly accounting data for every one of the clients in your Trade Credit Portfolio (Trade Receivables). To protect confidentiality, you will be sharing with us anonymized data, for more, please see our Data Privacy Policy here. You will have to provide historic records of 24 months, with the Reporting Date (for example Fiscal Year End) being the latest entry.


Upload your completed data file to your personal dashboard.


File validation will be made by a representative to ensure the structure is correct and no other information are required for generating the IFRS9 report.


Before the data validation begins, payment through bank transfer must be completed.


Once the payment has been received, our engine will start running. RISK9® will employ the embedded Factory Model to analyse your data and determine the best fitting model to calculate the ECL.


Your IFRS9 report will be uploaded to your dashboard where it can be downloaded. The report will be retained on RISK9® for your convenience and reference.

During all the above steps, a representative will be in touch with you (via phone or email) to get any missing data or other required information for the report, as well as to provide you with other significant details (bank account for the payment etc.)